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Burundi Goat Rehabilitation Project

Alliance Burundaise pour la Coopération et le Développement &
Austrian Help Program

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The Partnership & How You Can Help


Heart of Africa is a partnership between aspiring goat farmers in Burundi and established goat farmers, livestock specialists, researchers, and livestock projects in the rest of the world. 

Your help is especially important now, as hundreds of thousands of refugees, displaced persons, and ex-rebels begin to return to the country and work to re-establish their family, farm and livestock activities.


There are many ways that you can lend a hand.  Every donation, big or small, will help to make big differences in the lives of our farmers and their goats.

As well, there are always supplies, equipment and repairs that are urgently needed - these are listed on the Project's Wish List.


Adopt-a-Goat Program

Foundation & Breeding Program Support

Central African Goat Breed Conservation & Improvement Program Support

Farmer & Technical Training

Wish List Support

Project Contributor

Project Sponsor

Our Banking Information--donate via wire transfer


You can join our Adopt a Goat program.  The goat that you adopt will be a buck or a doe that is distributed to a member of one of the goat farmer associations.  Your contribution of $150 will support the goat and some of the  related farmer training and. supplies 

Or, for $10 a month you or your group can buy a share in a Goat Farmer or Professional Association.  In buying a share you will receive a description of your group.



Village widows who are benefiting from donated Alpine-CAG cross doe kids.  When grown, the  does will produce milk that is sold, thus providing urgently needed cash for household expenses.

You can support our foundation and crossbreeding program by contributing $25 monthly.  This program has been working for over 5 years to develop crossbred dairy and meat goats, based on our German Alpine and Boer imported bucks, who are bred to local Central African Goats.  You will receive bi-annual reports on herd status.

Our current crop of 3-way crosses are outstanding dual-purpose goats, combining genetics of our imported  German Alpine (50%), South African Boer (25%) and Central African Goat (25%).   

To maintain this quality we urgently need new importations of animals as well as sperm.



Plus . . .

Plus . . .

           EQUALS --------------------------------------------------------------->

50% Alpine; 25% Boer; 25% Central African Goat

Your $25 a month will help support our Central African Goat [CAG] breed conservation & improvement program:

War, disease and inbreeding has reduced both  numbers and quality of the indigenous breed of Central African Goat [CAG].  Indiscriminant crossbreeding to other stock is also reducing the CAG genepool.  The breed is therefore at risk. 

CAGs are uniquely adapted to the tropical conditions of central Africa, being more resistant to parasites as well as to some diseases – critical survival traits in this harsh and humid environment.  Our program  seeks to identify and breed best CAG stock, rehabilitate animals that are ill, and also maintain health and production profiles on individual animals.

You will receive bi-annual reports on herd status.


Two of the Project young, CAG bucks.  These bucks are about 18 months old, and will continue growing until well into their 3rd year. 

A CAG doe, whose lack of body mass and muscle development has resulted from a combination of inbreeding and poor nutrition.  This doe was very anemic and the Project could not save her; she also had extensive  intestinal damage caused by heavy parasite burdens.

One of the Project's  CAG does and kid, both in very good condition.  Regular and plentiful forage together with parasite management makes the difference


For $25 you can contribute towards farmer and technical training.  No matter how good the goats are, without good, basic training of farmers and of technical staff like the para-veterinarians shown here, the full potential of the program cannot be realized.



Government paravets who attended a training course organized in spring 2004 by the Project, together with World Vision – Burundi.

The Project's doe longhouse is in urgent need of repairs & expansion,following strong storms off of the lake that tore off parts  of the roof and loosened siding.

You can select specific activities or items that you would like to fund from a regularly-updated list of supplies and equipment that are needed by the project;

see Project Wish List

Or, for $5 or more you can become a project contributor; your contribution will go to area/s most in need.



Diagnosing and treating serious tropical diseases like Theileriosis requires training, equipment and regular follow-up.

In the absence of training and supplies, farmers only have recourse to traditional medications, such as the charcoal tied round this newborn's neck as a cocci treatment


For $5 or more a month you can become a project sponsor, your sponsorship will go to area/s most in need.



Here are some of the activities that you will be helping

'Bixy' & 'Wheat-a-Bix' 100% Central African Goat & kid: Foundation Herd Doe & Buckling for future  distribution to a goat association.

'Curly Buck' -  A CAG & German Alpine Cross & Future Farmer Association Buck.  There are 2 strains of CAGs – one long and one short-haired, with the latter predominating.  So we are pleased to have several CAG does who, although short-haired, carry this trait and pass it on to their progeny.

'Rosebud' – Central African Goat & Boer Cross: Multiplication Herd Doe

Training & medical assistance to Project goat farmers is urgently needed, since the country's veterinary infrastructure has largely collapsed during the crisis

Raising improved Central African Goats for returning child soldiers, ex-combatants, and refugees

Helping returning refugee children and their families with improved livestock, agriculture and training.  Over 300,000 refugees are now returning to their farms, most of which have been destroyed or are in need of rehabilitation.

Other areas in which you can help include the following:

  please write for more information on program activities in these areas

o Support to goat farmer associations

o Ex-rebel demobilization & farm assistance

o Child soldiers & farm training/assistance

o Fodder crops & agroforestry

o Seeds and tools to goat farmers

o Farmer-to-farmer visits & other field visits

o Livestock-based income generation

o Artisan Dairy enterprises

o Rehabilitation of basic laboratory and animal health services

Here's How! - Ways to Help

If you would like to help us, you can donate through Moneybookers, MoneyGram Western Union, or by Bank Wire Transfer.

Moneybookers and MoneyGram are international money transfer services that can transfer funds to Burundi via the internet.  MoneyGram also offers transfer services at designated locations that are given on their webpage.  Both can accommodate monthly payments.

Please do not send currency, foreign drafts, or other negotiable instruments through the mail as these are difficult to track and may also require large collection costs.


You can also help by contributing supplies or equipment – see Project Wish List.

Sending goods or materials to us:  unfortunately, this is not currently possible because of delivery problems.  However, we are working on ways to make this possible in the future and will post information on this page as well as on the What's New Project page.


MoneyBooker's webpage is   [If the text pops up in French, click on the UK flag in the upper left hand corner of the window for English]  Our account name for Moneybookers is ""

MoneyGram's webpage is:   MoneyGram is a division of Travelers Express in the States.

Western Union is also available as a transfer service. 

All three are reliable methods of assuring that funds reach Burundi, and are much faster and less expensive than bank transfers, which can take as long as 3 (or more) weeks.

Wire Transfer Banking Information :  This is a secure dollar account in a bank that partners with Citibank, New York.  To transfer funds you will need to give your bank the following information: 

1.  Our Bank:                 BANCOBU - Bujumbura, Burundi
2.  Bank  Account no:   #301-0010245/13/71
3.  Swift Code:              CITIUS 33

NOTE Please put your name as the deposit reference, and email deposit slip information to


If you would like to send funds by MoneyGram or Western Union,
please contact
PROJECT DIRECTOR for more information.

If you would like to support Heart of Africa on a regular basis but do not want to use Moneybookers or MoneyGram, please contact PROJECT DIRECTOR








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