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Burundi Goat Rehabilitation Project

Alliance Burundaise pour la Coopération et le Développement &
Austrian Help Program

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"Blog" -- an internet term / abbreviation for "web log" 

Here you will find regular news and updates on the daily life of the Burundi Goat Rehabilitation Project.  Much of it will be email snippets received by the webmaster from the Project director. 


December 29, 2004

Webmaster note:  Today I have received some communication from Burundi explaining that they have just lost their lease on part of the property which they have been using for this project.  They are expected to have to move people and animals from the location within the week.  Below is a snip of the actual email that I received today:

"We have several grants that will be kicking in the end of January; but urgently need funds *now* to help with relocation - have to buy 2 large tents, one for goats and one for our herders, plus some large cupboards and so forth for meds and supplies; beds & cooking arrangements for herders & staff who live here on the compound; small, used refrig; etc...  

Where we're moving is much smaller and very little storage + having to move one herd of goats very quickly; the large tents that I want to get are perfect for this kind of temporary/ emergency housing.  We have one herd of our best Alpines that we keep 'hidden' in the current HQ area - separate from the rest of the goats - and these are the ones we have to move very quickly." 

'The Compound' is a very African arrangement-- 4 little houses and 1 big house all rented by different folk, but with shared electricity/water/guards etc.  Our project - joint AHP - ABCD - rented the largest house as our HQ and we also have 1/2 of the compound for our use for the goat sheds; paddocks; etc.  That arrangement stays.  We're moving to one of the smaller houses,  but the same compound;


Current HQ is to the R where all the trees are; behind is the small place we're moving to - VERY small!  We'll be building more outbuildings this coming year, in the goat-part of the compound

Compound toward the lake shows part of the livestock area + the platform from which the 1st pict was taken - that's a lookout over the lake.


Does in front of the longhouse.   We have all of the front of the compound, both sides, for our livestock operations + a parcel to the left and out of the picture.  Current HQ is where the trees are, to the L. of the longhouse.  The construction you can just make out behind the longhouse is on the other side of the compound, and was the only other place out here before the war - a native-built hotel, which was quite wonderful, I am told, but totally bombed out and destroyed.






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